Clean energy for a sustainable future

We are devoted to responsible development of our projects. We generate electricity from renewable sources only and our ambition is to create a sustainable future. We are well aware of our role in the energy transition and every day each member of our team acts accordingly and responsibly.
We apply clear principles both in our corporate and social actions and in the strategic planning and realization of our investment decisions. We work for the development of our projects in accordance with the EU's targets related to the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. The positive impact of our activities is reflected in our business plan, which is based on growth, value and excellence.

Clean energy for a sustainable future

We conduct thorough research in order to ensure that we have selected the best locations for our plants and we implement the highest standards in their construction. Each member of our team acts responsibly in regard to the environment, local communities and everyone we work with. We are in constant dialogue with stakeholders so as to establish effective measures that are in compliance with our corporate goals and to create renewable energy and a sustainable environment.

Sunterra RE team
Sunterra RE team
Sustainable in everything we do

We own and develop our own renewable power generation assets. We support the green transition and firmly believe that not only is sustainability achieved in terms of the climate but it is also a fundamental component in every aspect of our daily work.
As a producer of clean energy, we are focused on environmental protection, social commitment, and integrity management.

Protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions are a responsibility that our society faces every day. As a company that produces renewable energy, we are well aware of this responsibility and take a stand in the fight against climate change. Our ambition is to expand our portfolio in order to ensure wide access to clean energy. We apply innovative technologies and modern practices to optimize production efficiency in our power plants and minimize harmful impacts on the environment.
Еnvironmental protection
Еnvironmental protection Еnvironmental protection
Our power plants have long-term perspectives with shared value. We collaborate with local communities and we are in constant dialogue which benefits both parties. We strive to contribute to the socio-economic improvement of the territories where we invest. Caring for the environment and people's health is our priority. We provide new jobs and support employee career growth.
The team of Sunterra RE believes that it is necessary to develop the areas in which we invest and to promote access to clean energy in order to build a sustainable future.
Social commitment
Social commitment Social commitment
Integrity, propriety, and respect for everyone we work with are at the heart of our responsible corporate governance. We place great importance on legal and ethical behavior. We have adopted a set of rules that ensure compliance with legal regulations and define the terms of relationships with our employees, partners, and suppliers. Our desire to work for environmental protection gives us the incentive to grow together with them and implement the best practices for decarbonization. We give every one we work with the opportunity to participate alongside us in the process of creation of a sustainable future.
Integrity management
Integrity management Integrity management
Our impact

Renewable energy drastically reduces the levels of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. This makes all countries of the world embrace the idea of increasing the share of renewables in the total production of electricity. 

About the solar energy

What is renewable energy? What is solar energy? How do renewables show us the way to a better world?

Renewables generate inexhaustible amounts of energy that are constantly renewed in nature. The sun, wind, water and heat of the earth are the renewable energy sources that are the key to sustainability. Human intervention is of crucial importance to the development and exploitation of the best technologies for the production of renewable energy.
The thirst for knowledge and innovation related to electricity dates back several centuries to the creation of the first light bulb by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century, and later the inventions of Alessandro Volta, Thomas Edison, the most outstanding innovator of his time, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. Humankind has never ceased to create innovations and has been in constant search for various kinds of improvement, thus reaching the conclusion that renewable energy sources should be the present and future of the world's electricity production.

Renewable energy drastically reduces the levels of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. This makes all countries of the world embrace the idea of increasing the share of renewables in the total production of electricity. European Union has ambitious goals focused on decarbonizing the energy system which are to be achieved by 2050. At present, renewable energy accounts for more than a third of global power capacity.
Renewable energy, green energy
Renewable energy, green energy Renewable energy, green energy
Sunlight is an invariable part of our life, defining our existence, a key element in plant photosynthesis and oxygen production, and a source of life for all creatures on the planet. Mankind had gone from worshiping the sun and studying it to gaining rich knowledge as to how to use it in the modern world in order to ensure a sustainable future.
The most important components of any photovoltaic power plant are the photovoltaic modules. Their coating reacts to solar radiation and creates electricity thanks to the photovoltaic effect. The modules are installed on structures, properly tilted and oriented so that they take full advantage of the exposure to sunlight. Some types of photovoltaic modules can change their position following the position of the sun, which increases the capacity of energy production. The photovoltaic modules of the photovoltaic power plants are connected to a solar inverter that transforms the direct current generated by solar panels into an alternating current used in all households.
Nowadays, the production of electricity from solar energy is among the fastest growing industries, delivering more and more efficient solutions in terms of technology.
Solar energy
Solar energy Solar energy
Frequently Asked Questions
Solar panels are made of monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells, which are constructed from silicon, aluminum and copper. They do not contain heavy metals or toxic substances and do not emit toxic emissions. The health risk for those who live near solar panels is zero. In addition, the panels can be completely recycled.
The installed photovoltaic panels do not limit the use of the land for pasture or growing low plants.
Building photovoltaic plants in underdeveloped areas would boost the economy by creating new jobs, providing reliable income for landowners, thus revitalizing regions that have been without a permanent population for years.
Solar panels do not produce noise. A low level of noise can be detected with inverters, but they are usually kept in separate soundproofed rooms. Photovoltaic plants require maintenance that is also silent and does not have a harmful impact on the environment.
The solar panels are installed for a period of between 20 and 30 years and after reaching the end of their useful life, the panels are removed without damaging the soil.