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SUNTERRA RE provides access to clean energy

SUNTERRA RE was established to enable and support energy transition. We work in the field of renewables. We own and manage our renewable power generation assets, ensuring access to clean energy. We encourage a new way of thinking and develop projects that have a positive impact on climate change processes and improve people’s lives. 
With the development of our business, we create solutions that reduce carbon emissions and provide an opportunity to live in a clean and sustainable environment. We take into consideration the long-term prospects of decarbonized energy and work actively to establish the highest standards by selecting the best technologies for our projects. 
We are convinced that renewables are the intersection point of technological development and climate protection. We believe that our future depends on us following our commitment to contribute to the creation of a clean environment. We are determined to expand our portfolio as an enabler of the green transition and a dedicated player in the field of renewable energy.


We actively work towards decarbonization providing affordable and sustainable solutions through production of clean energy.
We invest in solar plants, thus helping to reduce carbon emissions and impacting climate change in a positive way. We implement innovations to stimulate the technological progress and we believe that the future depends on both the efficient use of renewable sources and our commitment to causing no damage to the environment.


Our ambition is to be a driving force in the green transition processes and to support upcoming changes in order to ensure a sustainable future. We are committed to the goals related to climate protection and to establishing high social standards and corporate culture. By developing projects in the field of green energy, we also develop the regions in which we invest and create new job positions.

Corporate governance

We believe that our business success is rooted in good corporate governance. It is crucial for our development and growth and for the creation of values in every aspect and stage of our business activity. We develop our corporate structure and implement company policies well aware of the fact that the results we achieve are important not only for our company but also for nature, society and everyone we work with. Therefore, we feel responsible for both our actions and the results we achieve. We are convinced that responsible corporate governance and business monitoring are the key to long-term success. The ethical principles and obligations that are formalized in our Code of Ethics must be observed by our contractors, collaborators, employees and partners.

Our corporate culture relies on the voluntary adoption of a set of restrictive tools which ensure compliance with legal provisions and good practices and define the terms of our company's relationships with all interested parties we work with. We are convinced that our responsible corporate governance is at the heart of the trust that our employees and the public place in us.

Extensive experience, professional skills, creativity, and responsible attitude are highly valued by our company. We provide conditions for career development and encourage our employees for continuous improvement of their personal and professional skills so that they will create added value for society and environment.

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Ecological and social benefits lie in each phase of our projects from design to completion and sustainability and innovations are at the core of our development process. We expand our portfolio to tackle climate change by providing access to clean energy. For the implementation of our solar power plants we work with suppliers, consultants, and local communities. Our stable relationships enable us all to grow together and move forward to a better world without carbon emissions. We generate shared value with the regions in which we operate and support the green transition.

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Our suppliers’ performance is essential for the development of our projects. We aspire to establish strong relationships based on mutual trust, cooperation and support, which guarantee sustainability and implementation of innovations in our power plants. We select our suppliers in accordance with clear and precise criteria of quality, experience, risk, and sustainability. The selection is based on reliable information gathered in the process of extensive research. Companies that are willing to work with us can complete the form bellow: